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From the Office

Mentoring for change

Mentoring for changeRecently in Canberra there was an incredible fund raising campaign called “Love Your Sister”. I hope you heard about it in the media. Connie Johnson is dying from cancer and her brother Samuel is committed to raising funds for cancer research. As a result there have been some creative ventures to raise money for cancer research, including Samuel riding a unicycle around Australia!

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HIDDEN FIGURES: Is there enough space for women in the Church?

Is there enough space for women in the Church?

This guest editorial was written by Tracey Edstein, editor of Aurora Magazine, the official magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Director Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures tells the true – albeit massaged for maximum screen impact – story of the women whose mathematical genius was integral to the United States’ mission to explore space, ultimately seeing a man on the moon in July 1969.

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A Brighter Place

A Brighter Place

The end of the year is approaching very swiftly. Various groups are gathering for Christmas parties and some have started school holidays already. Unfortunately, Advent, a time of preparation and reflection can be diminished.

I’m planning to take this question seriously in the lead up to Christmas

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A New Journey

From The Office

Earlier this month we celebrated epiphany-the “showing forth” or “the revelation” of Christ in the world. Ruth Haley Barton writes that Epiphany is a wonderful celebration for those who commit themselves to the process of spiritual transformation, for it contains themes of journeying from the known to the unknown with only a mysterious light as a guide.

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Colloquium Report

Colloquium Report

“Colloquium means sacred conversation!” This is how Mrs Lyn Horner, chair of the Council for Australian Catholic Women introduced the two day conference “Women as Witnesses to the Joy of the Gospel”. The eighty participants took this invitation seriously, listening intently to the speakers and opening their hearts to the voice of God and to their companions from across Australia.

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