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News from around Australia about the activities of women or things that might affect them.

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Becoming a Church for Mission 2030

Becoming a Church for Mission 2030

This is an extract of the article was written by Frank Brennan SJ for the Catholic Mission Conference 2017

For the first time since 1937, the Australian bishops have announced that a synod is to be held in three years’ time. All proposals for breaking down the culture of clericalism need to be on the table. Our church will be credible for your children and grandchildren only if church authority is seen to be exercised transparently, accountably and inclusively. Notions of tradition, authority, and routine ritual have become rather desiccated in our post-modern world. When announcing the 2020 plenary council of our Church, Archbishop Coleridge said last August, ‘I think we have to accept the fact that Christendom is over — by which I mean mass, civic Christianity. It’s over.’ 

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Nowhere to hide for the Church

Nowhere to hide for the ChurchThis article was an original speech given by Francis Sullivan, CEO, Truth Justice and Healing Council

The Royal Commission has been like a freight train. Crashing through the confected edifice mounted by the institutional Church to limit its reputational damage caused from the clerical sexual abuse of children.

It has explored not only the history of clerical sexual abuse of children, but it has forensically examined the organisational culture that led to the cover ups, concealment and outright denial that abuse cases had even occurred.

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