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Prayer to uplift your soul and enrich your faith life.

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Ridiculous hospitality

Ridiculous hospitality

Gracious God
The Scriptures challenge us with stories of hospitality.

Angels arrive unannounced at the tent of Abraham and Sarah
and then promise an impossible gift of life.

A prostitute bargains with spies for her safety
and the way is opened for the Hebrew people to come into a new land.


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We who are Church


We pray for ourselves, we who are church:
That we humbly acknowledge the wound of abuse;
That we resurrect a community of radical love, inclusiveness and solidarity;
That we become an oasis for the weary and downtrodden;
That we explore truth from various sources and live with a creative ‘Kingdom’ tension;
That we speak a language of affirmation and compassion;
That we serve humbly as Jesus did


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For the New Year

Prayer 2017

God of this New Year, I am walking into mystery.
I face the future, not knowing what the days and months will bring or how I will respond.
Be love in me as I journey from the familiar and into the new.
Deepen my faith to see all of life with Your eyes.
Fill me with hope and a deep trust in You.
Thank You for the treasure of life and the opportunity for education, growth and meaningful work.
Thank You for the gift of being able to rise each day with the assurance of Your presence.
God of this New Year, I praise you. Amen.


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