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The Young Catholic Women's Interfaith Fellowship

The graduating group of 2013-2014

The vision of the Young Catholic Women's Interfaith Fellowship is that it is possible for people who are well grounded in their own religious traditions, to talk with one another across religious and cultural differences and to work with one another in addressing the pressing needs of the world.

The Fellowship runs over a two year period (2015-2016) with residential seminars at the beginning of each semester at Mount St Benedict Centre, Pennant Hills. Each of the seminars includes academic input and interaction, dialogue with people from various religious traditions and faith formation. The four unit academic program, the Graduate Certificate in Theology is offered through the Broken Bay Institute, part of the University of Newcastle with the bulk of the program being delivered in an online format. Financial sponsorship for the program comes from benefactor religious congregations and organisations.

The graduating group of 2013-2014

The current "fellows" are twelve young women from eight dioceses across Australia. They began the Young Catholic Women's Interfaith Fellowship journey in February of 2015 and will graduate at the end of 2016.

Potential sponsors and prospective candidates for the fellowship are invited to contact the Coordinator. (Andrea Dean


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