Heart Space: a compilation of prayers and reflections by Catholic women of Australia

Heart Space is a book of prayers and reflections written by Catholic women throughout Australia. It is a perfect bed-side read or just right to have in your office for a prayer to commence meetings, for use in schools or simply to use for your daily prayers & devotions‎.

This easy to read, compact book is a perfect addition to your Catholic prayer book library. In fact it is a great addition to any library of Christian and non-Christian alike because the prayers are so universal.

Your purchase of this book contributes to the work of the National Office for the Participation of Women (OPW). The OPW is an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to promote the participation of women in the Catholic Church in Australia. We work with the bishops of Australia to "make more space" for women especially in decision-making, leadership and ministry and to ensure that the rich variety of women’s voices are heard.

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Here is one prayer from the book:


Blessed are you who live in a world of anxiety,
You shall speak of hope.

Blessed are you who rely less on formal religion,
You shall perceive the sacredness of ordinary life.

Bless are you who perceive "the silent sigh",
You shall speak for others.

Blessed are you who have resources, experience and confidence,
You shall empower others.

Blessed are you who have been hurt by the church,
You shall tend the wounded.

Blessed are you who let go of the old answers,
You are free to ask "What if...?"

Blessed are you who are open to covenant,
God shall walk with you.

Andrea Dean
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Heart Space A Compilation of Prayers and Reflections by Catholic Women of Australia was launched in December 2010 in Canberra.  This was a celebration of the generous women who responded to the invitation to submit personal prayers, reflections and meditations.  These prayers are an insight into people’s relationship and conversations with God.  They are deeply personal and honest and provide an opportunity to validate and affirm all our prayers.

The contributing authors who were present at the launch included: Carmel Scruton, Loretto Lynch, Rosemary Kinne OP, Catherine Conroy, Andrea Dean and Margaret Ryan.  Heart Space was also launched in Rockhampton.  Bishop Heenan spoke about the project and Margaret Perkins, diocesan contact for Rockhampton launched the book.  Margaret shared Deirdre Comerford’s (contributing author) reflection as she was unable to attend the event.  The reflection included pictures of Deidre’s children at the time of their adoption and as they are today – which was a beautiful touch to the morning.  (See page 34 of Heart Space for Deidre’s prayer.)