Faithful God,
Free us from thinking we are indispensable,
Free us from excessive busyness. 

Holy God
Free us from mental and emotional fossilization,
Free us from excessive planning.

Lord I pray

For her persistence in the face of prejudice
For her spine in the face of humiliation
For her humour in the face of obstruction
For her gratefulness in the face of promise.

May the glory and the promise of Easter
bring peace and happiness to you
and those you hold most dear.

And may you know that Christ,
Our Risen Liberator,
Is always by your side

We gather to worship God, Giver of Life,
God, give us the waters of new life.

In the deserts of our lives, in the wilderness within,
God, give us the waters of new life.

To give us hope when our lives run dry, to give us strength when our world seems barren,
God, gives us the waters of new life.

We pray together as a family of the faithful with the vision of a Church community that at its core upholds the full equality of all of its members. So that our daughters and yours may know radical inclusion and justice, equality without qualification, and an institution that transforms oppression into love without bounds.

God of mercy and justice, shake us up!
Make the pain of the victims and their families our pain,
God of mercy and justice, shake us up!
Uproot the culture of abuse in our communities.

LEADER: Recognizing that we are all gifted and called to share in some way in the preaching mission of the Church, we will call upon the Holy Spirit to empower us for this ministry. Therefore, we call upon a cloud of witnesses, a chorus of voices of women who have served as proclaimers of the word of God to stand and pray with us.

ALL RESPOND: Pray with us.

Mary Magdalene, you were healed from ‘possession’
Help me to trust in the Spirit’s healing power
When I am possessed by disappointment, grief, anger,
When I am possessed by depression, loneliness, self-loathing.

May you be a VALIANT woman;
standing firm in your spiritual heritage.
The kingdom is within you; your heart is treasure-filled.

May you be a JOYFUL woman
for whom laughter is no stranger:
with a song to sing, a smile to give, a hand to support.

At this time of the year, you invite me to imitate both Mary and Joseph.
You call me to listen carefully to dreams, strangers, intuitions and angels,
You call me to ask questions with an open heart and mind,
You call me to respond with courage and trust,
You call me to bring the precious, fragile and delicate message of love to birth in the world.