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Inspirational Women

Here we share with you women who we find inspiratonal because of who they are and what they do.

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Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly

Goulburn Correctional Centre chaplain

This article was written by Matthew Biddle and was first published in the March edition of the Catholic Voice.

Prison chaplain Julie Kelly says inmates of the Goulburn Correctional Centre are excited about the Year of Mercy and the opportunities it presents them with. For many, learning to forgive themselves for their crimes and accepting the forgiveness of God is a long and difficult process.

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Sister Thao Nguyen FDCC

Sister Thao Nguyen FDCC

This article was first published in the Catholic Leader on the 12 February 2016.

Born in Vietnam, Sr Thao grew up as a teenager in Australia, which fashioned her adventurous mind. By the age of 23, she came to the Canossian convent to test out her vocation. Four years later, she took her first Religious Vows. This year marks 20 years since Sr Thao put her feet on Canossian ground. She works in palliative care, which she says is a sacred ministry “because this is where I continuously experience the Paschal mystery of Jesus”. She also works with the young adult ministry in the Cathedral of St. Stephen, a ministry which “is energetic, enriching and eye opening”.

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