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Prayer to uplift your soul and enrich your faith life.

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Valiant Women

Valiant Women

May you be a VALIANT woman;
standing firm in your spiritual heritage.
The kingdom is within you; your heart is treasure-filled.

May you be a JOYFUL woman
for whom laughter is no stranger:
with a song to sing, a smile to give, a hand to support.



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God of Newness


At this time of the year, you invite me to imitate both Mary and Joseph.
You call me to listen carefully to dreams, strangers, intuitions and angels,
You call me to ask questions with an open heart and mind,
You call me to respond with courage and trust,
You call me to bring the precious, fragile and delicate message of love to birth in the world.



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Simple Pleasures


Keep us in touch, good Lord, with the enduring, simple pleasures of life.
Though we are cluttered around with plastic surfaces and microchip wizardry,

Give us an awareness of the glory to be found in common things:

  • the smell of the bush after summer rain;
  • a chuckle from an infant playing on the floor;
  • a well-earned rest under a shady tree;

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